Would you like to give it as a present?Information on gift annual passports

Aqua World Oarai sells ``Gift Annual Passports''.Please use it as a gift for important anniversaries, birthdays, admission to kindergarten, etc.

Aqua World Oarai Annual Passport

Annual passport benefits

The Annual Passport for Aqua World Oarai comes with a nice benefit.

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How to apply

How to applyapplicationPlease fill out the necessary information and bring it to our hotel counter.
Payment MethodPlease pay at our counter.
*Cash, credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, American Express, Diners Club), and electronic money (transportation, nanaco, WAON, Rakuten edy, QUICPay) can be used.
expiration dateGift redemption period is 6 months after issue.
●Application forms are also available at our counter.