Please be sure to check this before making a reservation.
Notice regarding group reservations]

Discounts upon presentation of disability certificate

You can receive a discount by presenting your disability certificate.
You can also use the digital electronic diary "Mirairo ID".

How to get discount

IndividualPlease present your notebook or Mirairo ID at the ticket sales window.
A copy of the notebook is acceptable.
Group (20 people or more)Please call in advance to make a reservation.
Tel:029-267-5151【Voice guidance】

Eligible for discount

Types of notebooksYour identitycaregiver
(1 person for 1 target person)
Handicapped person's notebook 1st grade to 2nd grade
Handicapped person's notebook 3st grade to 6nd gradeNo discount
Nursing notebook
Mental disability certificate
Designated Intractable Disease Specific Medical Expense Recipient Certificate
(Please present your ID to confirm your identity.
We may ask you to do so. )

Disability certificate discount rate

AdultUsually 2,300 yen → 1,150 Yen
Elementary and junior high school studentsUsually 1,100 yen → 550 Yen
Infants (3 years old and over)Usually 400 yen → 200 Yen

Information on discounts by applying for exemption from facilities subject to exemption

When using for an event at a facility subject to reduction or exemption, please submit an "admission fee reduction or exemption application form" in advance.

  • The inside of the building may become crowded during rainy weather.For safety management, we may refuse reservations only in rainy weather depending on the reservation status.Please note.

How to apply for exemption

  1. After confirming the following facilities eligible for exemption, Please request an "admission fee exemption application form" by phone.
    Please inquire about the type of facility.
    Tel:029-267-5151【Voice guidance】
  2. After filling in the necessary information on the application form,Please mail it at least 2 weeks before the date of use.
  3. After the examination, we will send you a notification of reduction or exemption decision.
    It is not necessary to show the notebook on the day.If it is not an eligible facility, please use the "discount by presenting a disability certificate".

Facilities eligible for exemption

lawType of facility, etc. and business
Welfare Act

Relief facilities, rehabilitation facilities, vocational facilities

Child Welfare Act

Infant homes, maternal and child living support facilities, orphanages, facilities for children with disabilities, child development support centers, business establishments that provide support for children with disabilities (excluding child development support centers), facilities for mentally handicapped children Facilities for deaf and blind children, facilities for physically disabled children, facilities for severely mentally and physically handicapped children, short-term treatment facilities for emotionally disturbed children, and child independence support facilities

Elderly Welfare Act

Nursing homes for the elderly, special nursing homes for the elderly, low-cost nursing homes, day service centers for the elderly, short-term nursing homes for the elderly, welfare centers for the elderly, business establishments that provide small-scale multi-functional in-home care services, and communal living support services for elderly people with dementia. Place of business (group home)

Welfare Act for the Disabled

Welfare Center for the Physically Disabled

School education law

Special school

Disability Comprehensive Support Act

Support facilities for persons with disabilities, community activity support centers, welfare homes, and offices that provide welfare services for persons with disabilities

Long-term care insurance method

Welfare facilities for the elderly, health care facilities for the elderly, long-term care medical facilities, long-term care facilities for residents of specific facilities (paid nursing homes with nursing care)

Law Concerning Stable Housing for the Elderly

Housing for the elderly with services

OthersPersons who are enrolled in or attend school at the above facilities, etc., and have been approved by the Council of Social Welfare as individuals or groups (*applicants are limited to Council of Social Welfare)

Discount application fee

 Target ( Users of facilities)Leaders (leading staff, parents, etc.)
*1 for each eligible person
AdultUsually 2,300 yen → 1,150 YenUsually 2,300 yen → 1,150 Yen
Elementary and junior high school studentsUsually 1,100 yen → 550 Yen 
Infants (3 years old and over)Usually 400 yen → 200 Yen