311-1301 Isohama-cho, Oarai-cho, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 8252-3
Tel: 029-267-5151 [Voice guidance] Fax: 029-267-5920
Nearest Station
Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Minato Line Nakaminato Station
Kashima Rinkai Railway Oarai Kashima Line Oarai Station

Route in case of train

Due to various circumstances, the number of trains and the required time may be changed or the service may be suspended.
Please note.

Route in case of train
  • *Time required is a guideline only.Arrival may be delayed depending on the situation.
    Please use it with plenty of time when you go out.
  • *If you take a taxi, it will take about 5 minutes from Nakaminato Station and about 8 minutes from Oarai Station.
    Click here for nearby taxi contact information

Bus and taxi information

Bus XNUMX: From Nakaminato Station

Bus nameIbaraki Kotsu Bus No. 50 bound for Ibaradaimae Office
Prices170 yen for adults, 90 yen for children
Required TimeAbout 6 to 7 minutes

Bus XNUMX: From Oarai Station

Bus nameKaiyu-go (Circulation Bus): Aqua World/Oarai Route
*The Oarai Sun Beach Route does not stop at Aqua World and Oarai.
Prices100 yen for adults, 50 yen for children
1-day pass: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children (*1% off admission fee available)
Required TimeApply in approximately

Return bus: From Aqua World/Oarai

Bus nameTo Oarai StationTo Nakaminato Station
Bus nameKaiyu-go (loop bus):
Aqua World/Oarai Route
Ibaraki Kotsu Bus:
No. 50 bound for Nakaminato Station
Prices100 yen for adults, 50 yen for children170 yen for adults, 90 yen for children
Required TimeApply in approximately About 6 to 7 minutes

Contact information for a nearby taxi company

Green Transportation Nakajoyo029-267-3231
Minato Taxi0120-818-370
Sun taxi0120-763-133
Himawari Kotsu Co., Ltd.029-267-2121
Minato Daiichi Kotsu Isohama Office0120-812-024
NK sightseeing taxi (Mito)0120-690-818