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About business information

From 9:17 to 16:XNUMX, the last admission time is XNUMX:XNUMX.There are changes depending on the season.
Business Information."

yes.VISA, Master, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club are accepted at the admission ticket counter, ticket vending machines, and each shop (Souvenir Shop Mora Mora, Collector's Shop Galeos, Relax Cafe Mermaid).For food courts, please contact each store.
List of stores that accept credit cards."

Discounts are available for persons with disabilities.Please show your notebook at the ticket counter.
Discounts for disabled persons and reduced application discounts."

In 2023, the museum will be closed from June 6th (Mon) to 26th (Tue) and from December 27th (Mon) to 12th (Fri).We are open during the year-end and New Year holidays.

There is a line waiting to enter during the busy season of May, GW, Saturdays and Sundays during the summer vacation, and especially during the summer Obon period (a few days around August 8th).Please note.

Also, during the busy season, the opening time may be 9 to 00 minutes earlier than usual (5:10) depending on the weather and congestion.

Please follow the instructions of aquarium staff and security guards for safe and smooth entry.

Traffic information and parking lot

The parking lot for Aqua World and Oarai is free (accommodates 750 standard-sized cars and 20 large buses).
Around 8:XNUMX a.m. (it may be earlier depending on the congestion situation).

About the use of the hall

There is one smoking area outside the building.Smoking is prohibited in the hotel, so please cooperate with us.

There are no restrictions on taking photos.
We ask that you refrain from using flash photography for creatures that are sensitive to strong light, such as newt sharks.Please refer to the mark on the side of the water tank "No flash photography".

Wheelchairs and strollers can be borrowed free of charge at the general information desk near the entrance.Advance reservation is not possible.Please note that the number is limited.The target age of the stroller is from 2 months to 2 years old.

There is a food court and a relaxing cafe Mermaid.
Shop food court."

Re-entry is possible on the same day.Please present your ticket to the staff at the entrance.

There are 6 men's and women's restrooms and multi-purpose restrooms in the building.There are two ostomate-friendly toilets.
"Museum guideYou can see the details by downloading the facility map from

There are 3 entrances to the outdoor area.Please feel free to contact our staff.
The museum is equipped with ramps and elevators so that visitors in wheelchairs and strollers can view the museum.If you have any questions about the route, please feel free to ask our staff.
In the 5th floor touching pool, you can interact with sea creatures such as starfish and sea cucumbers.
Currently, Aqua World Oarai does not have a permanent program of dolphin touching.Special programs are held irregularly.
Use of Waku Waku Hiroba is for preschool children aged 1 to 200 years old.In addition, there is a charge (20 yen per person / XNUMX minutes), and to ensure safety, we will set a usage time and operate under a complete replacement system.
Pets are not allowed (except service dogs and guide dogs).

We have everything.
"Museum guideYou can see the details by downloading the facility map from

There is no umbrella stand, but umbrella bags are available at the entrance in case of rain.
It is located near the entrance of the building.

20 people or more.If you make a reservation in advance, you can enter smoothly.
Group reservation/school special discount."

We do not keep luggage, suitcases, strollers, outdoor wagons, etc.For temporary storage of your luggage, please use the coin lockers (charged) in the hotel.

Prices 高 さ Width Depth
40 small 100 Yen 40 cm 36 cm 42 cm
12 medium 200 Yen 53 cm 36 cm 42 cm
XNUMX large 400 Yen 77 cm 36 cm 48 cm

*The number of coin lockers is limited.Please note.

Large suitcases (total length of 3 sides exceeds 115 cm), outdoor wagons, motorcycles, tricycles, play equipment such as skateboards, non-foldable fishing rods, insect nets, etc., obstructing the safe viewing of other customers You cannot bring anything that will become

About dolphins and sea lions ocean live

You can enter the venue at any time during the opening hours indicated at the entrance of the Ocean Theater.Please check at the entrance as the opening time will change depending on the live schedule.In addition, please be sure to observe the following precautions when using.

・You can enter and exit freely during opening hours, but you cannot view from the aisles or stairs to secure an evacuation route.Also, if the seating and standing areas are full, you may not be able to enter temporarily.

・Please refrain from securing seats with luggage.

・Animals may be trained outside of live performance times.Please be aware that the front seats in particular may be splashed with water.

・Please leave the stroller in the designated position in front of the entrance.Please do not bring it into the venue to secure an evacuation route.

・After the live performance, the area around the seats will be cleaned.Thank you for your cooperation.

・Please do not leave a space between your seats when it is crowded.

No numbered tickets will be distributed.
Since it is held indoors, you can see it regardless of the weather.


For information on nearby tourist attractions and tour routes,please use this form.Please refer to the. * Information as of December 2021, 12.

・For sightseeing information in Oarai Townplease use this form.

・For tourist information about Hitachinaka Cityplease use this form.

For details, please contact the Oarai Town Tourism Association or the Hitachinaka City Tourism Association.
Oarai Tourist Association Tel: 029-266-0788 Hitachinaka City Tourism Association Tel: 029-273-0116

Swimming is prohibited under the aquarium.Please refrain from swimming.