Please be sure to check this before making a reservation.
[Notice regarding group reservations]

General group

Group rates apply when there are 20 or more paying visitors.
If you are a group, please make a reservation in advance so that you can enter smoothly without waiting on the day.

you have to[Requests for group customers]Please read about.
For lunch spaces, please see the list of places for group lunches.

Group fee

AdultElementary and junior high school studentsInfants (3 years old and over)
Normal 2,300 yen→ 1,900 YenNormal 1,100 yen→ 900 YenNormal 400 yen→ 300 Yen

*Please note that if the number of people on the day is less than 20, the individual fee will be charged.

Reservation by fax

Please fill out the group reservation form and send it (please refrain from making reservations by e-mail).
Your reservation will be accepted upon receipt of the fax.
*Please contact us by phone if it is less than a week before the date of use.
Fax: 029-267-5920

Group reservation table (Excel format)

Make reservation by phone

We will ask you for the date of use, group name, number of people (adults, elementary/junior high school students, children over 3 years old), expected arrival time, representative name, contact information, etc.
Tel: 029-267-5151[Voice guidance]