Dolphins and Sea Lions Ocean Live

Dolphins and Sea Lions Ocean Live

Californian sea lions show off their charming performances, such as the dolphins' dynamic "High Jump" and the "Beach Ball Kick" where they kick an oversized 1m-diameter beach ball toward the audience with their tail fins.The seats in front of you may get splashed with water...!Please enjoy an energetic live performance full of presence.

Venue4th Floor Ocean Theater
Required Timeabout 2 minutes
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  • The number of dolphin and sea lion ocean live performances varies depending on the day.Please check the schedule calendar.
  • From 7/16 to 7/17, it will be held 1 times a day, and the required time will be about 15 minutes.
  • You can enter at any time during the opening hours indicated at the entrance of the Ocean Theater.The opening hours will change depending on the live schedule, so please check when you visit.
  • You can enter and exit freely during the opening hours, but you cannot view from the aisle or stairs to secure an evacuation route.again,If the seating and standing areas are full, you may not be able to enter temporarily.
  • Please refrain from securing seats with luggage.
  • Animal training may be conducted outside of the live time.Please be aware that the front seats in particular may be splashed with water.
  • Please leave the stroller in the designated position in front of the entrance.Please do not bring it into the venue to secure an evacuation route.
  • After the live, we will clean up around the seats.Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please do not leave a space between seats when it is crowded.
  • The program schedule may be changed or canceled depending on the physical condition of the dolphins and sea lions.Please note.


Updated in May 2023!A shoal of about 5 sardines vigorously moving in the sea of ​​Ibaraki is the main character.Experience the "New Sea of ​​Life" with a performance of delicate and colorful lights like an aurora and a powerful performance that moves in sync with the background music.

Venue2nd and 3rd floor Large water tank of the sea of ​​encounter
Required TimeApply in approximately
③From 14:00

Mogumogu time

California sea lions, southern fur seals, Humboldt penguins, tufted puffins, spotted seals, Canadian otters...

You can see how the creatures eat energetically with commentary by the keepers.

VenueEach exhibition tank
Required TimeApply in approximately
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Walk time

“Osanpo Time” is when California sea lions jump out of the exhibition area and walk around the viewing space.Please enjoy not only walking in front of customers, but also posing and appealing in a loud voice, and freely walking with the keepers.

VenueOutdoor area Ocean terrace
Required TimeApply in approximately
ScheduleView more

shark watching

You can see the secrets of sharks and valuable meal scenes that you can only know at Aqua World Oarai.

VenueXNUMXF Eternal Sea Zone
shark tank 1
Required TimeApply in approximately
Schedule10: 30 ~

ocean sunfish watching

Seas of the World

In this program, keepers explain the mysterious ecology of sunfish.You can also see the precious eating scene of sunfish.

VenueXNUMXF Eternal Sea Zone
ocean sunfish tank
Required TimeApply in approximately
Schedule① 11: 00 ~
② 15: 00 ~

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