Night Shinsekai “NIGHT AQUAWORLD” will be renewed from December 2023!

A variety of “encounters” spread out in the night sea A fantastic new sea at night where the “stillness” and “motion” of living creatures charm you

Since December 2020, we have been holding the night-time operation "NIGHT AQUAWORLD," but from Saturday, December 12, 2023, it will be renovated as a new night aquarium.In an atmosphere different from the daytime, the fantastic space created by the living creatures and the sea world will transport visitors to a new "new sea at night."

DatesEvery Saturday
*This event will not be held on July 7th, August 13th, and 8th as daytime business hours will be extended until 10pm.
open time18: 00-20: 00 (Last entry 19:00)

Shark exhibit that boasts the largest number of species kept in Japan ~Moonlight Shark~

In the new "NIGHT AQUAWORLD," you can enjoy the mysterious shadows and powerful appearance of the sharks, which are different from the daytime exhibits, using spot lighting inspired by moonlight.Please take a look at our aquarium, which is filled with a new charm of sharks that can only be expressed by our museum, which has a long history of breeding and researching a wide variety of sharks.

Members of the cat shark family and whitetip sharks are nocturnal sharks that often hide and rest on rocky reefs during the day.In the new "NIGHT AQUAWORLD," keepers feed the nocturnal sharks, and you can also see the sharks swimming actively, which is different from what they do during the day.

Port Jackson Shark (Familiaridae)
Whitetip reef shark

“Large Aquarium of the Sea of ​​Encounters” exhibiting 80 living creatures of approximately 25,000 species ~Sea life healing~

The ``Large Sea of ​​Encounter Tank,'' which recreates the rich ocean off the coast of Ibaraki where the Oyashio Current and the Kuroshio Current meet, exhibits about 20,000 types of creatures, including about 80 sardines.

In the new ``NIGHT AQUAWORLD,'' the entire aquarium is illuminated with dark and dark blue lighting that evokes the image of a calm night sea.At night in the aquarium, the sardines huddle tightly together to protect themselves, making the shape of the swarm distinct and moving like the Milky Way floating in the night sky.

Pitted stingray

Star rays and star sharks, whose white spots on their backs look like stars, swim gracefully, creating a fantastical world that resembles a planetarium. Spend some special time with the living creatures in a space with warm-colored lighting and chairs, with background music in the background.

New Ocean Night Live ~MEETS the BEATS~

``Ocean Night Live,'' which is only available at night, is a program in which dolphins and sea lions create a fantastic space with lights, music, and images.

The new Ocean Night Live is based on the theme of "An encounter between living creatures, music, and customers," with dolphins performing their specialty jumps and sea lions thrilling the venue with their rhythmic performances, with animations playing light music in the background. .The audience's clapping will bring the venue together, and you can enjoy a special and exciting time with the animals.

Venue4th Floor Ocean Theater
open timeMay to August (5:8), September to April (19:15) Approximately 9 minutes
*Contents may change depending on the situation of living things.

There are plenty of exhibits and performances to enjoy the fantastic night aquarium!

In the new "NIGHT AQUAWORLD," approximately 20 large and small aquariums within the facility will be illuminated with spot lighting only at night.

In the ``Seaweed Sea'' aquarium, you can observe the behavior of nocturnal creatures, such as nocturnal spiny lobsters that hide behind rocks and are rarely seen during the day, actively roaming around the tank.In addition, during the day, the jellyfish friends are displayed with colorful lighting, but at night, only white lighting is used, allowing you to take a closer look at the beautiful, transparent jellyfish.In addition, in the "Coral Reef Sand" aquarium, you can observe the changes in the daytime and nighttime behavior of the Chinese eel family by changing the brightness and darkness of the lighting every 30 minutes. In various aquariums, you can enjoy a special "new sea at night". You can enjoy it.

Adults (high school students and above)2,300JPY
Elementary and junior high school students1,100JPY
Infant (3 years old and over)400JPY
*Only web tickets will be sold.Tickets will not be sold at the counter on the day of the event.
*You cannot enter with an annual passport, advance ticket, invitation ticket, etc.