Please be sure to check this before making a reservation.
[Notice regarding group reservations]

School group (special school discount)

Special school discounts apply when used for school or kindergarten field trips or excursions.

* After-school child care, parent-sponsored, children's party, etc. are treated as "general group".
For ocean live and lunch space,About use.

School discount rate

Kindergarten · Nursery school
Children (under 2 years old)Free
Children (3 years old and over)250 Yen
staff (leader)Free
Elementary and junior high school
Elementary and junior high school students700Yen
staff (leader)Free
high school
A high school student1,400Yen
staff (leader)Free
  • Parents, siblings other than kindergarteners and studentsGroup fee.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice due to revisions to the consumption tax law.

Flow from reservation to the day of arrival

1. Download the school group usage guide

Information about reservations and use of the hotel.This is an important guide, so please be sure to read it.

2. Download the required documents (reservation form, special school discount application form)

3. Fill in the necessary information on the reservation form

Please fill out the reservation form if you would like to preview.

4. Apply by faxing the reservation list

Fax: 029-267-5920

5. On the day of your visit: Submit the "School special discount application form" stamped with an official seal to the window.

By submitting the "School special discount application form", the above special school discount will be applied.

PayPal payment

  • cash payment at the counter
  • Counter coupon payment (payment with coupons issued by travel agencies)

*If you wish to pay at a later date, please contact us in advance.

About use

Dolphins and Sea Lions Ocean Live

You can enter the venue at any time during the opening hours indicated at the entrance of the Ocean Theater.The opening hours will change depending on the live schedule, so please check when you visit.In addition, please be sure to observe the following precautions when using.

  • You can enter and exit freely during the opening hours, but you cannot view from the aisle or stairs to secure an evacuation route.Also, if the seating and standing areas are full, you may not be able to enter temporarily.
  • Please refrain from securing seats with luggage.
  • Animal training may be conducted outside of the live time.Please be aware that the front seats in particular may be splashed with water.
  • Please leave the stroller in the designated position in front of the entrance.Please do not bring it into the venue to secure an evacuation route.
  • After the live, we will clean up around the seats.Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please do not leave a space between seats when it is crowded.

A space where you can have lunch

It is not possible to reserve a place, so please make a decision based on the situation on the day.
Especially during the excursion season when it rains, it will be crowded, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Please check the group lunch location list for spaces where you can enjoy lunch.

About taking a group photo

There is no dedicated space for taking group photos in the museum, so please take photos outdoors as much as possible.Also, when using scaffolding for group photos, please set it up when the group arrives.

Special program information

Contact Business Promotion Section
TEL: 029-267-5151
FAX: 029-267-5920