Japan's first!Exhibition of "baby tiger sharks" whose parthenogenetic reproduction was discovered

At Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium, the exhibition of "Baby Tiger Shark" has been exhibited for the first time in about four years from Wednesday, February 5, 2th year of Reiwa. From March 8th, the exhibition location has been changed.

Exhibition place 3rd floor・"Sharks in temperate waters 3" water tank ※From March 29

In addition, as a result of DNA analysis, it was found that the tiger shark babies born this time are parthenogenetic (reproductive only by females).DNA analysis revealed parthenogenetic reproduction in tiger sharks, and this is the first time in Japan that the baby sharks that were born are exhibited.

baby tiger shark

"Trough shark" is a shark family that inhabits from the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean.The tiger shark baby born at the museum is female and hatched on January 1th.When he was born, he was 19 cm in total length.

A pattern that can only be seen when young fish

"Torafu shark" is characterized by the fact that the pattern changes as it grows from a baby (juvenile) to an adult fish.Juveniles have black and white stripes, but as they age, they gradually turn into brown spots.In the English name, it is called Zebra Shark, which compares the striped pattern of juvenile fish to a zebra.Please compare them with adult tiger sharks in the "Sharks of the World" tank on the XNUMXrd floor of the museum.

Adult tiger shark

This baby was born parthenogenetically.Parthenogenesis in sharks was thought to occur only when females were present, but this discovery was made in an aquarium where sharks are kept together with males.Such an example is the third discovery in the world among sharks.In the future, along with further research on the ecology of sharks, we are working on measures such as adjusting the water temperature with the aim of breeding tiger sharks sexually in breeding tanks.

*Exhibition may be canceled depending on the condition of the creatures.Please note