We will start wearing new sustainable uniforms from March 3rd!

Completely original design by “Adastria”, which has its roots in local Ibaraki.!

Aqua World Oarai will change the uniforms worn by all staff from Saturday, March 2024, 3. The new uniforms are produced by Adastria Co., Ltd., a local company founded in Ibaraki that operates fashion brands such as "Global Work," "Nicoand," and "Lori's Farm," and are completely original uniforms created for staff working at the aquarium.

An unveiling event will be held on the first day of wear on March 3rd!

A special commemorative event will be held on March 2024, 3, the first day the new uniforms will be worn! On the day of the event, the first 23 people will receive a commemorative postcard. Furthermore, before the first Dolphin/Sea Lion Ocean Live, we will be showing off our new uniforms to our customers! (The postcard distribution/unveiling event has ended)

unveiling party
Time & Date
2024 years 3 month 23 day (Saturday)
9: 50 ~ (about 10 minutes)
*This event has ended.
Venue4th Floor Ocean Theater

In addition, until March 3st, panels introducing the creatures depicted on the uniforms will be on display in front of each aquarium, and actual coordinating uniforms will be on display in the Shark Daddy's Room until March 31st.

postcard design

About Adastria Co., Ltd.

Adastria Co., Ltd. is a casual fashion store chain with approximately 30 stores in Japan and overseas, carrying more than 1,400 group brands such as Global Work, Nicoando, and Lawry's Farm. We will celebrate our 2023th anniversary in 70, and under the mission of "Play fashion!", we aim to become a "good community co-creation company" that creates an open community where people and information can exchange and creates new value. .

History of uniform renewal

Since 2020, Aqua World Oarai has adopted the concept of "Come on, a new world sea!", and in order to show customers a new side of the aquarium, we will be implementing various initiatives such as renewing each tank and program, and opening new facilities. We have been working on this. As an aquarium that continues to move forward, we have decided to review our uniforms in order to further pursue the concept of "Here we go, New World Sea!"

Staff wearing new uniforms

Previously, uniforms were coordinated by combining ready-made products, but in order to create the museum's first original uniform that incorporates the points to be considered in breeding operations and the requests of staff working in the field, a selection process was conducted by a proposal screening committee. Furthermore, the new uniforms were completed by adopting the proposals made by Adastria Co., Ltd.

Overview of new uniform

With total coordination produced by Adastria, we have introduced five new items: blousons, polo shirts (long sleeve/short sleeve), pants, outerwear (cold weather clothing), and hats. The shapes and colors of blouson and polo shirts vary depending on the service staff and breeding staff. The collar and hem of the blouson have a design appropriate for each job, and the animals kept at the museum are depicted on them.

The polo shirt's colors and striped pattern are inspired by the museum's symbol mark, making it a uniform that summarizes Aqua World Oarai's vision.

The meaning behind our symbol mark

The three rings represent the exhibition space that extends to "Oarai, Ibaraki, and the world's oceans" and the Earth's "past, present, and future," and express the "Kuroshio, Shiome, and Oyashio currents" that are characteristic of the coast of Ibaraki. The dynamism of the shark moving forward toward the future is also the silhouette of each citizen of the prefecture, symbolizing tomorrow's Ibaraki.

This symbol mark has been used at our museum since its opening 22 years ago.

Original textile (fabric) created especially for Aqua World Oarai

The blouson and pants of the new uniform are made of textiles with illustrations of creatures kept at the museum, such as the sand tiger crocodile, Canadian otter, and Humboldt penguin.

This is an original design depicting creatures swimming freely, with a navy blue base inspired by the ocean. The creatures shown in the illustrations can actually be observed inside the museum, so please take a look at the uniforms as well.

First use of sustainable material “Collagen Yarn” at an aquarium in Japan

The new uniforms are made of fabric made from collagen yarn, which is made from collagen peptide amino acids found in fish scales. This fabric is made from polyester thread made from a polymer bound with components extracted from the scales of waste generated during fish food processing. It is used for uniforms because it is smooth to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and has good stretch.

In addition, by wearing uniforms made from sustainable fabrics made from reused materials that would otherwise be discarded, the aquarium staff's mission is to protect the environment of the oceans and rivers, and to tackle the environmental issues faced by living creatures on a daily basis. It expresses our intention to spread the word. This is the ``first in Japan'' to use fabric made from ``collagen yarn'' for both professional and aquarium uniforms.

Numerous special features designed for staff working at aquariums

All staff members wearing new uniforms came together as one.
Under the concept of “Come on, a new world sea!”, we will explore the charms of living things.
We aim to be an aquarium that delivers to everyone.!