The large jellyfish tank “Jellyfish 365” will reopen on March 3th!

A new healing space created by the beautiful four seasons and jellyfish!

The large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365" in the Mysterious Sea Zone will reopen on Wednesday, March 2024, 3 (holiday). In a space filled with aquariums filled with moon jellyfish born at our museum, new visual effects and scents that change with the seasons will be added to create a new, immersive ``Beautiful New World Sea.''

release dateNovember 2024, 3 (Wednesday / holiday)

One of the most popular spots in the museum “Jellyfish 365”

The large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365" has a total water volume of 20 tons, and it appeared in the Mysterious Sea Zone during a large-scale renovation in December 2020 as a fantastic tank in which moon jellyfish float along with the light and sound production. This renewal was decided because the jellyfish keepers wanted people to not only enjoy the sight of jellyfish swimming around, but also learn more about their mysterious ecology and charm.

In this renewal, projection mapping on the walls around the aquarium, lighting on the floor, and scents inspired by the seasons have been added, created by NAKED, INC., a creative company that is popular both domestically and internationally. The jellyfish exhibition corner, which features the aquarium ``Jellyfish 365,'' will be transformed into an exhibit that walks through the life cycle of moon jellyfish as the seasons change.

The life cycle of moon jellyfish that dances through the shining seasons A new “beautiful new sea”

The jellyfish family changes their shape significantly as they grow into adults, but this fact is not well known. The moon jellyfish is a jellyfish that is exhibited in many aquariums, and it is easy to understand the changes in shape at each growth stage, making it a very suitable jellyfish to introduce the life history of jellyfish.

February 2020, 2 (Sat) Jellyfish Mystery

The new production will introduce the life cycle of the moon jellyfish, which dynamically changes its shape and lifestyle in accordance with the colorful changes of the four seasons. The moon jellyfish in the large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365" are fully bred at our museum, and you can see them growing even larger in the tank.

New video production created with lighting and graphics

Moon jellyfish at each growth stage appear in graphic videos created with the themes of ``cherry blossoms'' in spring, ``fresh green'' in summer, ``autumn leaves'' in autumn, and ``snow'' in winter, creating a fantastical view of the growth process. You can follow along with the background music.

spring image
summer image
autumn image
winter image

The exhibition corner will be filled with the scents of spring, summer, fall, and winter, which change depending on the season that customers visit, and new spatial effects will be added that will give you a sense of change each time you visit. When you step into the jellyfish exhibition corner, you will be greeted with a new sensation of experiencing the world of jellyfish. Please enjoy your time exploring the life cycle of moon jellyfish as the seasons change.

moon jellyfish

Distribution: All over the country

Its body is colorless and translucent, and its stomach and gonads are visible in the center of its body in a four-leaf clover-like pattern.