Notice of change of juvenile sharks on display in Samekko Room

The "Sameko Room" is a corner where you can actually see baby sharks, centering on shark eggs that were born at the museum.The display tank has been devised so that you can see shark eggs in an easy-to-understand manner, and you can take a close look at the uniquely shaped eggs and how baby sharks develop inside the eggs. increase.Please fully enjoy the valuable exhibition corner that can only be done at this museum that boasts "Japan's largest number of sharks" and also puts effort into breeding research!

We are currently exhibiting a baby epaulet shark ♪

juvenile epaulette shark
placeXNUMXth floor Nagomi no Umi zone (beside the Canadian otter tank)
Exhibited creaturesJuvenile epaulette shark, shark eggs, etc.
* Depending on the condition of the creatures, etc., the displayed creatures may change.