"Glittering coral reef fish" power up from Saturday, July 2023, 7!

From Saturday, July 2023, 7, the "Glittering Coral Reef Fish" tank in the Eternal Sea Zone on the 22rd floor of the building will display 40 colorful fish of about 3,000 species, mainly damselfish and butterflyfish. Power up to a living tank!Please enjoy the gorgeous world of the sea, which is fascinated by colorful fish.

"Glittering coral reef fish" tanks are even more colorful!

Sudare Butterflyfish

In the "Glittering Coral Reef Fish" tank (width 8.4m, height 3.5m, water volume 50 tons), there are about 2 damselfish of two species with a refreshing color, and three species of butterflyfish with a gorgeous yellow body color. About 2,500 fish will join the group, and about 3 colorful fish of about 50 species, the largest ever, will dance and swim.

A glittering world that recreates the natural environment!

With the introduction of 2 new full-color LED lights for production, it is possible to express 1,377 million colors of light in the water, making it a transparent aquarium like never before!

A swarm of damselfish

In addition, in order to reproduce the display closer to the natural environment, we will display the predatory grouper grouper "Tamakai" (growing up to 2m, currently about 40cm), and replicas of "branch coral" from 2 units. By increasing the number to 7, you can observe how the damselfish lively and widely swim in the tank and how they hide in branch corals.

Debath damselfish
Blue damselfish
Giant grouper
Southern angelfish

Take a picture of your memories of this summer with the beautiful sparkling fish.♪