Upgraded from May 5th (Thursday)!New IWASHI LIFE

The well-received program "IWASHI LIFE" set in the museum's largest "Meeting Sea Aquarium" will be renewed and upgraded from May 5 (Thursday).Please enjoy the new "New Sea of ​​Life" full of beauty and dynamism, where approximately 25 sardines, the largest number in the museum's history, swarm dynamically.

open timeReleased from Thursday, May 2023, 5 
①10:00 ②12:00 ③14:00 5 minutes each
place2nd and 3rd floor Large water tank of the Sea of ​​Encounters 
Digest video (different from the actual BGM)

Sardine Herringles Herringidae

The body is bluish-green on the top, silvery white on the sides and abdomen, and has a line of black spots on the side of the body.

Ibaraki's catch in 2021 is 211,375 tons (681,659 tons nationally), which ranks first in Japan.

A record number of about 20,000 sardines swarm

In the new "IWASHI LIFE", the number of sardines, which are the main characters, will increase from about 15,000 to about 20,000, a record high, making the herd larger than ever.In addition, we have devised a way to swim the entire aquarium, and you can see a more powerful and powerful performance than ever before.

Versatile lighting with overlapping subtle colors like an aurora

This time, by renewing the lighting equipment above the aquarium, introducing LED floodlights capable of emitting full-color light and DMX controllers that create a variety of light emission patterns, it is possible to express delicate colors like "aurora" in the water. It is now possible to create a more detailed production that matches the

In "IWASHI LIFE", sardines, which are representative of familiar fish that appear on our dining table and support the richness of the sea, are the main characters. We will express the dynamism of life through the production of movement, colorful lights, and BGM.

Please experience the “sparkle of life” and “strength”.