Salmon juvenile display start

At Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium, the exhibition of "salmon fry" started on Thursday, February 5, 2th year of Reiwa.

This juvenile fish was hatched by the Ibaraki Prefecture Environmental Management Association, raised in the backyard, and grown to a length of about 3 cm.

In fact, Ibaraki and salmon have a deep relationship.

Currently, spawns are collected from salmon that have migrated upstream in many regions, and juvenile fish that have been artificially hatched are released into the wild.On the Pacific side, the Tone River is said to be the southern limit.

Salmon fry will be on display for a limited time, so please take this opportunity to see them.

Exhibition place 5th Floor Forest and River Zone Midstream Nature Water Tank

*Exhibition may be canceled depending on the condition of the creatures.Please note.