Revision of admission fee (From March 2023, 3)

Over the past two years, Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium has made various improvements with the aim of creating an attractive exhibition based on the concept of "Now, the new sea."With the addition of "Ocean Terrace" as a new new sea, we will scale up as a place where you can have more interest and interest in sea creatures than ever before.In order to continue to deliver the new sea world "Shinsekai" continuously, we will revise the admission fee from March 2023, 3 (Tuesday / holiday).

Adult2,000 yen → 2,300 Yen
Elementary and junior high school students900 yen → 1,100 Yen
Infant (XNUMX years old and over)300 yen → 400 Yen
*Price includes tax.
Annual passport
Adult4,000 yen → 4,600 Yen
Elementary and junior high school students1,800 yen →2,200 Yen
Infant (XNUMX years old and over)600 yen → 800 Yen
*Price includes tax.
Due to the revision of the admission fee, the fee for general groups, school groups, exemptions, and discounts for people with disabilities will also be changed.
Please check each page for details.

New outdoor area "Ocean Terrace" opens on March 3 (Tue/holiday)