Jellyfish wonder

Date: Saturday, February 2020, 02

Jellyfish are popular as a "healing system" in aquariums.What do jellyfish eat and how do they live?This time, together with the keeper in charge of jellyfish, we tried to get closer to the wonders of jellyfish.

February 2020, 2 (Sat) Jellyfish Mystery
February 2020, 2 (Sat) Jellyfish Mystery

First of all, we studied about the mystery of jellyfish while taking quizzes.I learned a lot about where the jellyfish in the aquarium come from, what they eat, and how they multiply.Keepers sometimes go out to sea to collect jellyfish.I was also shown the handmade tools that the breeders use at such times.

Next, look at the jellyfish under a microscope.Jellyfish eggs and polyps look completely different from the jellyfish we usually see, but they are also jellyfish.I was able to observe the moment of catching and eating food with a microscope.Many people were new to microscopes, but they were all excited to see jellyfish for the first time.

In this experience cram school, you will take home a jellyfish breeding set at home.I explained in detail how to actually breed using the set.A moon jellyfish floating in a wine glass is very beautiful.Everyone please do your best to breed at home.

February 2020, 2 (Sat) Jellyfish Mystery

I was also shown the secret base "incubation room" of the jellyfish keepers.Everyone seemed to be very interested in stories that can only be heard and seen here, such as the details of the daily work to maintain the jellyfish tank and the hardships.