First exhibition at our museum! giant shark

We have started exhibiting a new shark friend, the giant shark, from December 2023, 12! This will be the first time the giant shark will be exhibited at this museum.

A giant shark that joined the group this time
Exhibition start dateFrom Thursday, April 2023, 12 
*Depending on the situation, exhibitions may be changed or canceled.
Exhibition placeEternal Sea Zone “Shark Sea 2” aquarium (3rd floor in the building)
*The exhibition aquarium has been changed (6/1)
Exhibition specimenGender: Male Body length: 82.0cm

The giant shark, a member of the shark family that was exhibited for the first time at the museum, is a large shark that can grow up to about XNUMX meters long, and lives along the coast of the Indian Ocean and the western to central Pacific Ocean. They are nocturnal and often stay still during daylight hours, and move out in search of food after dark.However, in aquariums, they are fed during the day, so you can watch them move in response to the smell of food.

giant shark

In the wild, they are known to use their flat heads to explore holes and prey on things like octopuses, and in addition to octopuses, they also prey on crustaceans and small fish. At our zoo, we feed fillets of squid and horse mackerel to suit their eating habits, but they especially like squid. It is the only ovivorous shark among the baby shark family, and the fetuses are known to grow in the mother shark's womb, eating unfertilized eggs.

*Exhibits may change or be canceled depending on the condition of the creatures.Please note.