First breeding in Japan! Baby striped shark exhibit begins!

Aqua World Oarai, which has the largest number of shark species in Japan, was the first in Japan to successfully breed the striped shark, a member of the shark family, in an aquarium, and one young fish was born on March 2024, 3. The exhibition has started from today!

Newly born baby striped shark
Exhibition start dateFrom Thursday, April 2024, 3 
*Depending on the situation, exhibitions may be changed or canceled.
Exhibition placeSameko Room (5th floor inside the building, behind the Canadian otter tank)

 Our aquarium is the aquarium with the largest number of shark species in Japan, and we are actively engaged in breeding sharks, including Japan's first breeding of sand tiger sharks. So far, 27 types of sharks have been successfully bred in tanks, and 12 of them are the first to be bred in Japan! Striped sharks are benthic sharks, and were given their name because of the distinct black and white stripes that appear on their bodies for a while after they are born. This striped pattern becomes thinner when the total length exceeds 30 cm, and the body color of adult fish becomes light brown. Until now, there has been no example of breeding in an aquarium in Japan, and this breeding is the first in Japan!

newly hatched baby

Two pairs of two males and two females brought in in December 2021 were kept in a backyard aquarium for the purpose of breeding, and spawning was confirmed around November 12. The eggs were raised in a separate tank, and the babies hatched successfully on March 2, 2. The hatched baby is approximately 2 cm in size and is male. In the future, as a shark aquarium, we will not only enhance the shark exhibits, but also strive for breeding and research so that our visitors can learn more about the profound and fascinating world of sharks.

About striped sharks

Adult striped shark

striped shark
Scientific name Chiloscllium griseum
English name: Gray Bambooshark 
Maximum total length: approx. 80cm (sexually mature total length: male approx. 50cm)
Distribution: Indian Ocean to Western Pacific Ocean, inhabits coral reefs and rocky reefs at depths of 5 to 100 m.