Penguin's walk time suspension period

Penguins are about to moltFrom July 2023st (Sat) to September 7th (Fri), 1, "Penguin's Walk Time" will be suspended.We will hold "Mogu Mogu Time" where you can observe how the penguins are fed with commentary from the keeper.

VenueSurprise sea zone Outdoor area "Ocean Terrace"
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*Subject to change or cancellation due to living things and weather conditions.
Let's take a closer look at the penguins!

In the new penguin exhibition area, you can observe the penguins from all directions, and there is also an area where you can enjoy the penguins up close, and a birdhouse that imitates a rock hole. You can see it.The underwater viewing space is also a must-see, where you can see how they swim as if they were flying underwater.

“Ocean Terrace” “Closer, more surprises”

The outdoor area where penguins, sea lions and fur seals live has been reborn as the "Ocean Terrace" under the theme of "closer, more surprises."

california sea lion tank
South American fur seal tank

A balcony where you can feel the sea breeze has been newly installed on the top of the building, and you can see the creatures from all directions.At Ocean Terrace, we are holding a program where you can learn about the ecology and charm of living things!

Sea lion walk time
Mogumogu time

In addition, special programs (paid) that allow you to have special experiences with the creatures of the ocean terrace are also held monthly.Please check it out before your visit.

Refreshing feeling with ocean soda ♪

In commemoration of the opening of "Ocean Terrace", "Ocean Soda" is newly introduced at the relaxing cafe "Mermaid", which is located right next to the Ocean Terrace.Enjoy a refreshing lemon flavored drink while feeling the sea breeze♪

Sales locationXNUMXrd floor inside the building
Relax Cafe "Mermaid"