Sumikko Gurashi is coming to Aqua World Oarai again this year
SUMIKKOGURASHI Aquarium x Aqua World Oarai
SUMIKKOGURASHI Aquarium x Aqua World Oarai
The collaboration event with "Sumikko Gurashi" that was very popular last year will be held again this year! Come and enjoy Aqua World Oarai with the Sumikkogurashi characters!

Special corner of the "Sumikko" sea world

It seems there are creatures in the ocean that look similar to Sumikkogurashi!
There are fish that like corners and fish that imitate things! In the second edition, the creatures on display will change.

Location: 4th floor special exhibition room

The "Sumikko" Special Corner of the Ocean World Part 1 July 2024th (Sat) to August 7rd (Fri) 13 Clownfish, Scorpionfish, Drooling Fish, Kompeito Fish, Giant Homura *The creatures introduced in the second part will be announced at a later date. *The creatures are subject to change.
A rally around the museum with the Sumikkogurashi

Sumikko Gurashi and Friends of the Sea

Participate in the rally event with the Sumikko Gurashi characters and get an original keychain!
The first is a keyword rally, in which participants collect letters at rally points around the building to complete a word, and the second is a quiz rally.

Participation fee: 1 yen (tax included)
*Please purchase your participation ticket at the ticket machine inside the building.

第1弾キーワードラリー ノベルティデザイン(7月13日~8月23日)第2弾キーワードラリー ノベルティデザイン(8月24日~10月27日)※画像はイメージです ※5種類のうちランダムでお渡しとなります。デザインの交換はできかねます
Mamegoma and Jinbei are both in the museum, so try looking for them ♪" class="img-fluid" title="Mamegoma and Jinbei are both in the museum, so try looking for them ♪
Limited sale!

Collaboration menu

At the "Relax Cafe Mermaid" on the 3rd floor of the building, we will be selling a special collaboration menu for this event.

Collaboration menu
Limited sale!

Collaboration goods

The shop inside the building, "Souvenir Shop Moramora," will be selling cute event-exclusive collaboration goods!

In addition to event collaboration goods, we will also be selling museum-exclusive goods! Don't miss it!

Collaboration design annual passport

Collaboratively designed annual passes will be on sale for a limited time only during the event.

Get a present when you buy a ticket online

Those who purchase a date-specific WEB ticket during the event period will receive an original holographic sticker on a first-come, first-served basis! (Only WEB tickets purchased from the gift campaign page are eligible. Please note that other WEB tickets are not eligible for the gift.)

Get a present when you buy a ticket online
Sticker giveaway campaign Purchase online tickets

Sumikko Gurashi is coming ~ Photo session ~

Details of the photo session have been decided! To commemorate the collaboration event, the Sumikkogurashi will be coming to Aqua World Oarai again this year. Which Sumikkogurashi you will meet will be a surprise! Why not make some fun memories with the Sumikkogurashi?