Going out baby shark x Aqua World Oarai May 2024, 5 (Sat) → July 11, 7 (Sun)

What is “Going out baby shark”?

A popular manga drawn by popular creator Penguin Box. YouTube anime distribution will start from August 2023! A heart-warming story about a baby shark and his friends who go out to town!
Going out baby shark
Anime “Odekakeko Shark” Official YouTube
Anime “Outing Baby Shark” Official X

Outline of the event

A baby shark who goes out is coming to Aqua World Oarai!! A baby shark who goes out is coming to Aqua World Oarai. It looks like baby sharks born at the aquarium are gathered in the special exhibition room! I wonder what kind of baby sharks we can meet. Let's go see it together! Horn Shark Epauletshire Let's all search for it!Keyword Rally Outing diary with baby sharks It's a rally around the aquarium with baby sharks. There are a lot of aquariums, and all kinds of creatures live there. Are there any creatures you could make friends with?Let's find them together. At the goal, you will receive an original designed key chain. There are 6 types of original key chains. Look forward to seeing which one you get! *Please purchase your participation ticket from the ticket vending machine inside the building. Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)

Visit event decided

A baby shark is coming to Aqua World Oarai! Date: June 6nd (Sat), June 22rd (Sun)

Collaboration menu

Collaboration menu Longed for fluffy pine juice 450 yen (tax included) Pine juice topped with sweets and baby shark marshmallows. Added Setouchi lemon for a refreshing taste. Baby shark's tenderness SEA! Hey SEA !Curry 950 yen (tax included) Enjoy your lunch time with our original curry topped with baby shark monaka and colorful vegetables. Get one coaster free with every purchase of food or drink! (Randomly selected from 1 types) ) Please note that stock is limited. Out of stock and resale information will be updated in the announcement section of the Aqua World Oarai official website.

Collaboration goods

Collaboration goods Random acrylic stand (6 types in total) 880 yen each Random can badge (6 types in total) 600 yen each Random sticker (6 types in total) 400 yen each Munyugurumi BC Cat shark Ver. 2,200 yen Munyugurumi S Cat shark Ver. 3,300 yen *Please note that the availability of products is limited. Information on out-of-stock items and restocks is updated in the notification section of the Aqua World/Daho official website.

Collaboration goods benefits

During the period, you will receive a postcard for every 2,000 yen (tax included) purchased from “Odekakekozame” collaboration goods! ! (All 1 types will be given at random.)

Annual passport

Aqua World Oarai has a baby shark design for your daily life.With an annual pass, you can enjoy the baby shark design as many times as you want for a year for the price of two admission fees! *Excluding nights The baby shark design for going out is for a limited time only!

WEB tickets with limited stickers are also on sale!

Tickets with limited stickers will also be sold online for a limited time!
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