First exhibition at our museum!Itten Sakuradai 

Itten Sakuradai

Itten Sakuradai is a grouper fish that lives on rocky reefs at depths of approximately 60 to 190 meters, and is distributed in Japan from the Ogasawara Islands and Sagami Bay to the Pacific coast of Tosa Bay and Okinawa.It has a reddish-orange body with a yellow linear pattern under its eyes, and is characterized by a long dorsal fin.

The specimen on display was collected by fishing from a depth of 120 meters with the cooperation of fishermen from Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, and will be on display for the first time at our museum!At our museum, we accompany fishing trips in Muroto City several times a year and focus on collecting creatures that live in the relatively deep sea.We will continue to work hard to collect and display precious creatures, so please look forward to it.

Exhibition place 3rd floor Eternal Sea Zone Interesting Creatures XNUMX Aquarium

*Exhibition may be canceled depending on the condition of the creatures.Please note.