Exhibition of whitebait fish collected in Hinuma begins

Aqua World Ibaraki Prefecture Oarai Aquarium has started exhibiting "Shirauo" from Friday, March 6, 3.


The spawning season for whitebait fish is in spring, when they gather on the banks of lakes and rivers. This sight is famous as a spring tradition, and since ancient times, the whitebait fish that gather here to spawn have been caught and eaten as tsukudani or dried fish.

This whitebait fish was collected from a swamp near the aquarium. In Ibaraki Prefecture, March is a closed season for whitebait fishing in order to protect whitebait resources. The aquarium has obtained special harvest permission from the prefecture and collects only the individuals necessary for display.

Exhibition place 4th/5th floor connected waterside zone “Brackish Water Creatures XNUMX” aquarium

*Exhibition may be canceled depending on the condition of the creatures.Please note