[Important] Operation during the summer vacation period from Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 13th

We would like to inform you about the business during the summer vacation period [Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 13th].

During this period, heavy congestion is expected, so we will operate under the following conditions.We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

If the hall becomes very crowded,Admission may be restricted temporarily..
during admission restrictionsOnline ticket-Priority entrance for annual passport holdersTherefore, if you do not have an annual passport, we recommend that you purchase a date-specific online ticket in advance.

Opening hours

Business hours during the summer vacation period (excluding July 7th and 13th, August 14th to August 8th)
Opening hours9:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:00)
Business hours on July 7th and 13th, August 14th to August 8th
Opening hours9:00-19:00 (last entry at 18:00)
July 7th (Sat) and 13th (Sun), August 14th (Sat) to 8th (Sat)will be open for extended hours.

Admission fees

Adults (high school students and above)2,300JPY
Elementary and junior high school students1,100JPY
Infant (3 years old and over)400JPY
*Price includes tax.
  • If the hall becomes very crowded,Priority entrance for those with web ticketsbecomes. If you have a same-day ticket and do not have a web ticket, you may have to wait to enter.
  • "Specified date WEB ticket" can only be used on the date of purchase, so please check the date of your visit before purchasing.
  • The cancellation fee for date-specific web tickets will be 9% after 00:100 AM on the day of use.
  • If you would like to use any discounts, please come to the counter on the day. Please note that the Relo Club and Benefit One discounts will not be available from August 8th (Saturday) to August 10th (Friday).
  • When re-entering, please present the QR code of the WEB ticket, paper ticket, and annual passport at the entrance.

About dolphins and sea lions ocean live

You can enter the Ocean Theater, where the dolphins and sea lions live, at any time during opening hours.Admission will be closed on a first-come-first-served basis and once the capacity is reached.In addition, please be sure to observe the following precautions when using.

  • You can enter and exit freely during the opening hours, but you cannot view from the aisle or stairs to secure an evacuation route.Also, if the seating and standing areas are full, you may not be able to enter temporarily.
  • Please refrain from securing seats with luggage.
  • Animal training may be conducted outside of the live time.Please be aware that the front seats in particular may be splashed with water.
  • Please leave the stroller in the designated position in front of the entrance.Please do not bring it into the venue to secure an evacuation route.
  • After the live, we will clean up around the seats.Thank you for your cooperation.
  • When it is crowded, please do not leave a space between the seats and use it with mutual concessions..

*Please check the schedule calendar for the live event program for each date.

About the use of parking lot

Please note that the surrounding roads are expected to be very congested during the summer vacation period.

For access to the hotel,Click here for the guidelines.

A temporary parking lot (approximately 400 cars, free of charge) adjacent to the general parking lot of the hotel is also available.In addition, a temporary parking lot is adjacentPrefectural parking lotFrom July 2024th to August 7th, 13, there will be a fee (8 yen for regular cars).

 opening timePrices
Aqua World Oarai
General parking lot
(approximately 750 cars can be accommodated)
Aqua World Oarai
Temporary parking lot
(approximately 400 cars can be accommodated)
*Only from July 2024, 7 to August 13, 8
Prefectural parking lot
(approximately 600 cars can be accommodated)
24 hoursFrom July 2024th to August 7th, 13, there will be a charge (8 yen for regular cars).  For further information, please read Ibaraki Prefecture Homepage.

Event information for the summer vacation period

Make the hot summer even hotter with the creatures! SUMMER AQUAWORLD 2024 is coming!

Sumikko Gurashi × Aqua World Oarai starts on July 7th♪