From July 7th, let's make the hot summer even hotter with the creatures! SUMMER AQUAWORLD 13

We are holding "SUMMER AQUAWORLD 2024", an event where you can spend the hot summer even more excitedly with the creatures of Aqua World Oarai!

DatesSaturday, May 2024, 7 - Sunday, June 13, 9

Dolphin and Sea Lion Ocean Live Summer Version "Splash!! & Water Fes.!!"

This summer's Dolphin and Sea Lion Ocean Live will feature not only the popular annual underwater performances by dolphins and trainers,There will also be a first-of-its-kind underwater performance by sea lions and trainers.The dolphins, sea lions and trainers will perform a variety of tricks in perfect harmony, exciting the audience.

And because it's so hot during this time of year, the dolphins and sea lions will splash more water on the audience than usual! You can cool off watching the water splash from the back of the auditorium, or you can sit at the front and get splashed all over your body. Enjoy "Splash!! & Water Fes.!!" in any way you like!

placeXNUMXth Floor Ocean Theater
TimeImplementation time varies depending on the day.
schedule calendar
*The contents of the event may change depending on the condition of the animals.

Limited-time exhibit "Fish that color Oarai's summer"

A flock of hawkfish
Threadfin Butterflyfish

The three tanks in the "Oarai Creatures" tank that greet you as soon as you enter the aquarium will be redecorated to recreate the sea of ​​Oarai in summer! Based on the theme of "seasonal migratory fish" that come to Oarai at this time of year on the Kuroshio Current, creatures that live in warm seas such as Japanese hawk moths and threadfin butterflyfish will be exhibited for a limited time. Learn about the marine environment from the colorful fish you can encounter in the sea of ​​Oarai in summer.

What are "seasonal migratory fish"?: Fish that are carried away from their natural habitats due to the influence of ocean currents and other factors depending on the season.

place3rd floor: Sea of ​​Encounters Zone "Oarai's Creatures" tanks 1-3
Exhibited creatures"Creatures of Oarai 1" Aquarium "Journey from the South": School of Japanese hawk moths
"Oarai's Creatures 2" Aquarium "Summer Vacation Adventure": Threadfin Butterflyfish, Black-backed Butterflyfish, etc.
"Creatures of Oarai 3" Aquarium "Rest Area for Young Fish": Bannerfish, South Pacific Batfish, etc.
*The exhibit contents may change depending on the condition of the animals.

fluffy"SoapBall Time

soap bubble time

With the vast Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, soap bubbles dance on the Ocean Terrace, creating a fantastical scene. Why not create summer memories at Aqua World Oarai with sparkling soap bubbles in an open location where you can feel the sea breeze?

placeOutdoor area "Ocean Terrace"
event dateWeekends and holidays during the event period
Time14:15 (once/day) about 1 minutes
※ Rain stopped
This event will not be held from Saturday, August 8th to Sunday, August 10th.

Sea lion walking time: Water sprinkling version "Refreshing"

Uchimizu time

For a limited time only, we will be holding a "water sprinkling version" of the sea lion walking time. This year, we will be asking everyone watching the walking time to join in the water sprinkling. Let's blow away the summer heat with the sea lions!

placeOutdoor area "Ocean Terrace"
event dateEvery day during the event
TimeImplementation time varies depending on the day.
schedule calendar
※ Rain stopped

A limited-edition food that cools you down with "food" perfect for summer

How about a refreshing mango lassi during this hot and humid season? This drink is perfect for summer, with yogurt and milk-based lassi, and mango pulp and sauce to give you a taste of the tropics. Please enjoy♪

Mango lassi
Sales locationXNUMXF Relax Cafe “Mermaid”
priceMango Lassi 4 yen (tax included) *Limited quantity

Make special summer memories with dolphins!

We are looking for participants for the special paid event "Let's interact with dolphins!" in the large pool of the Ocean Live venue, where you can see dolphins up close, touch them, and even give them hand signals. Why not create unforgettable and special memories with the dolphins? For details,Click here for the guidelines..

"IWASHI LIFE" is a program to enjoy indoors while avoiding the heat.

IWASHI LIFE is a program that takes place in the large Sea of ​​Encounters aquarium. You can watch approximately 20,000 sardines swarming dynamically throughout the tank, accompanied by light and sound effects.

place2nd and XNUMXrd floor Encounter Sea Zone
"Large aquarium in the sea of ​​encounters"
Time①10:00/②12:00/③14:00 (about 5 minutes each)

Enjoy summer with the animals!