"Lacation Special Discount" starts on July 7st!

In conjunction with the introduction of "laircation" in Ibaraki Prefecture from April 2024, Aqua World Oarai will be offering special discounts on admission fees from July 4st.

DatesFrom Monday, December 2024, 7
* Weekdays only, excluding closed days
Admission feesAdults (including high school students)
2,300 yen → 1,150JPY
Elementary and junior high school students 
1,100 yen →550JPY
Half the normal admission price
・One parent/guardian is eligible for the special discount for each student using the facility.
・Please make sure to purchase at the counter on the day (WEB tickets are not eligible)
・The special discount is only available to those who have applied for a study abroad program at the school.

How to buy

Advance preparation:"Application form for special rate for leisure" and fill in the required information.

On the day of your visit:"Application form for special rate for leisure" at the counter and show your leisure card etc. to purchase tickets.

What is Rakucation?

What is Rakucation?

It is a coined word combining "Learning" and "Vacation."

Ibaraki Prefecture introduced the "leccation" program this year to promote experiential and exploratory activities as a new way of learning that will lead to the future. Since it is positioned as an experiential activity outside of school, students do not have to attend school and can take up to five days off per year.

Please note that the availability of learning support varies depending on the local government and school you live in. If you are unsure, please check with the school.

Aqua World Oarai supports leisure activities with unique learning opportunities

At the aquarium, you can learn more about the ecology of a wide variety of creatures and the importance of environmental conservation through aquarium exhibits and programs.

 Aqua World Oarai boasts the largest number of shark species in Japan, and holds daily programs to explain the ecology of the creatures, helping visitors deepen their understanding of the aquarium and its creatures. In addition, videos and explanatory panels are used to introduce the breeding of the creatures we keep and the survey results and efforts we are making, focusing mainly on the local seas, so you can learn a wide range of things about the creatures that live in the world's seas and rivers, and the natural environment, which are connected to the sea of ​​Ibaraki.

If you want to learn more, try our special programs (fees apply) *Reservation required on the day

The "Backyard Tour," which takes you behind the scenes of the aquarium where the zookeepers work, accompanied by commentary from the zookeepers, is enjoyable for both children and adults. If there's anything you'd like to ask or learn more about, please feel free to ask the zookeepers who are accompanying you on the tour.

This is a special program that fills up early on weekends and holidays, but is relatively easy to participate in on weekdays, making it ideal for leisure trips.