Starting this year! Summer-only event "Let's play with dolphins!"

Starting this year, "Let's Play with Dolphins!" will be available, allowing you to casually experience interacting with dolphins.

``Let's interact with dolphins!'' where you can enter the pool with dolphins! "aboutplease use this form..

"Let's play with dolphins!"

“Let’s play with dolphins! ”, you can participate in the same clothes as you are, sign autographs, and take commemorative photos.
We look forward to a lot of your application!

Dates① August 2024th (Tuesday) - 8th (Friday), October 27th (Monday), 30st (Monday), 10th (Monday), 7
②September 2024th (Tue), 9th (Tue), 17th (Mon), October 24th (Tue), 30th (Tue), 10th (Wed) 15
*Please also see the event calendar below.
open time①14:30~16:30 (Meeting 14:30)
②14:00~16:00 (Meet at 14:00)
Participation conditionAge 3 or older and under 65
Please bring clothes and boots that you don't mind getting wet.
of people10 people each day
*Separate entrance fee will be charged.
Reception periodJune 6th (Tuesday) to 11:1 one day before each event
*Reception will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
※We will close the reception as soon as we reach the capacity for each day.

Holding calendar

way to participate

Please apply from the WEB ticket page during the reception period.

Applyplease use this form.

  • Payment method is credit card only.In addition, only two types of cards can be used: "VISA" and "Master Card".
  • A cancellation fee will be charged if canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.When refunding, we will refund the amount after deducting the cancellation fee.
  • If you need to cancel, please contact us by phone. TEL: 029-267-5151 [After the voice guidance, select "9"] (00:17-00:XNUMX)
  • Cancellation fees will be 500 yen from the reservation date to the day before the event, and 3000 yen on the day of the event.


Please note that we cannot change the participants.
Only the person whose name was registered at the time of application can participate in the event.
A photographer will take a commemorative photo at the event.Photos are available for purchase for those who wish.

  • We will take pictures of everyone who participates, but you are free to purchase them.Please let us know if you do not need it.

Schedule of the day

Time 1Time ②MessagePlace
(Please bring your companion with you.)
Before general information
14:45 - 15:1514:15 - 14:45lecture
sign practice
Feeding experience
holding pool
15:30 - 16:0015:00 - 15:30Trainer experience
ocean theater
16:00 - 16:1515:30 - 15:45Taken at the landingocean theater
16:15 - 16:3015:45 - 16:00Questionnaire entry
(Photos are for sale to those who want them.)
ocean theater
*Accompanying persons may watch from the audience side of the Ocean Theater. Please note that they will not be able to see what is happening in the holding pool.