A baby bottlenose dolphin was born

On Friday, March 2024, 3, a baby dolphin was born to Nick (male) and Momo (female), bottlenose dolphins kept at our museum.

Baby dolphin swimming with its mother Momo (Photo taken in May 2024)

 On Friday, March 2024, 3, a female bottlenose dolphin pup was born. She is a lively girl born to Nick (father) and Momo (mother). After her birth, she has grown steadily thanks to the hard work of her mother, Momo, and has been shown to be a spoiled dolphin, swimming closely with Momo and playing with other dolphins.

*Currently, they are kept in the backyard, so you cannot see them.

Video and panel exhibition introducing baby dolphins will be held!

To commemorate the birth of the baby dolphins, we will be holding a video and panel exhibition introducing the baby dolphins and their parents. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to allow our customers to see the baby dolphins, but we will introduce the moment of birth and breastfeeding through videos and photos so that you can feel as close to them as possible. We would like everyone to watch the growth of the baby dolphins born at our facility.

パ ネ ル
Installation period
July 2024nd (Sat) to August 5th (Sun), 18.
*Depending on the situation, exhibitions may be changed or canceled.
Installation location2nd floor ocean hall