Held from Saturday, May 5th! Going out baby shark x Aqua World Oarai

The first ever collaboration event with an aquarium will be held at Aqua World Oarai for the "Going Baby Shark", which is very popular among a wide range of age groups from children to adults!

We will be holding a collaboration event between Aqua World Oarai, which has the largest number of shark species in Japan, and the popular YouTube anime, ``Going Out Baby Shark.'' From children to adults, the number of people who are healed by the cute daily life of baby sharks is rapidly increasing!

Enjoy the rally inside the aquarium while collecting keywords with the baby sharks who went to Aqua World Oarai, and meet baby sharks born in the aquarium...This is an event that the whole family can enjoy at this perfect time for going out.

Date2024/5/11 (Saturday) to 7/7 (Sunday)