Enjoy your spring break at Aqua World Oarai♪

With spring break finally starting, the large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 3" in the mysterious sea zone will reopen on March 20th (Wednesday/Holiday), offering an immersive experience with new visuals and scents that change with the seasons. It will start as a new “Beautiful New World Sea”!

A new healing space created by the beautiful four seasons and jellyfish. Large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365"

The large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365" is a fantastic tank with a total water volume of 20 tons and moon jellyfish floating along with the light and sound production, and it appeared in the Mysterious Sea Zone during a large-scale renovation in December 2020.

In order to better express the mysterious ecology and charm of jellyfish, this renewal includes projection mapping on the walls around the aquarium and lighting on the floor by NAKED, INC., a creative company that is popular both domestically and internationally. We will introduce scents inspired by the seasons.

Enjoy a new "Beautiful New World Sea" with videos themed around the four seasons and the changing life cycle of moon jellyfish.

Spring theme "cherry blossoms"
Summer theme “Fresh green”
Autumn theme “Autumn leaves”
Winter theme “Snow”

[Life cycle of moon jellyfish]

The jellyfish family grows into adults while changing its shape significantly. The moon jellyfish is a jellyfish that is exhibited in many aquariums, and it is easy to understand the changes in shape at each growth stage, making it a very suitable jellyfish to introduce the life history of jellyfish. The new performance will introduce the life cycle of the moon jellyfish, which gradually grows from an ephyra with a flower-like shape and an umbrella size of about 2 mm, in accordance with the colorful changes of the four seasons. The moon jellyfish in the large jellyfish tank "Jellyfish 365" are fully bred individuals at our museum, and you can watch them grow even larger inside the tank.

~Production of scents that evoke the beauty of the four seasons~

The exhibition corner will also feature a new space filled with the scents of spring, summer, fall, and winter, which will change depending on the season that customers visit.

Spring (March to May) is inspired by cherry blossoms, summer (June to August) is inspired by fresh greenery, autumn (September to November) is inspired by autumn leaves, and winter (December to February) is inspired by snow. With the soothing scents of each season, when you step into the jellyfish exhibition corner, you will be greeted with a new sensation of experiencing the world of jellyfish.

In addition to moon jellyfish, there are many other jellyfish friends at Aqua World Oarai♪

Currently, our museum exhibits a total of eight types of jellyfish, including moon jellyfish, thumb jellyfish, colored jellyfish, and white jellyfish. The Jellyfish Friends, which exhibits four of these types of jellyfish, has also been renovated with new lighting, welcoming customers with a mystical space.

Sam jellyfish
color jellyfish
white jellyfish

Wonderful encounters with living creatures await you at the outdoor area "Ocean Terrace", which is now in its second year of operation.

ocean terrace
humboldt penguin
southern american fur seal
california sea lion

The outdoor area "Ocean Terrace", which reopened on March 3st last year, will be celebrating its second year this spring. At the Ocean Terrace, with the theme of "Closer, More Surprise," you can see Humboldt penguins, California deer, and Southern American fur seals up close from all directions.

"Sea of ​​Breathing" aquarium

In addition, in the ``Breathing Sea'' tank (a tank that recreates a tidal pool), you can see familiar sea creatures such as porgies, sea tanagers, and eelgrass as an ``environmental exhibition tank.'' Perfect for this warmer season, please enjoy the charming outdoor area ``Ocean Terrace'', where you can encounter new surprises and discoveries, right in front of the Pacific Ocean, which shows its seasonal expressions.

Penguin's walk time

"Penguin Stroll Time" will resume from Saturday, March 3rd. You can enjoy watching these unique penguins take a free stroll with their keepers.

VenueOutdoor area Ocean terrace
open timeschedule calendar(from April 3st)
*Depending on the condition of the creatures, etc., it may be changed or canceled.

~Special paid program where you can enjoy interacting with living creatures~

Why not make wonderful spring break memories with penguins, sea lions, and fur seals at the outdoor area "Ocean Terrace"? (This is a paid program with a limited number of participants)

penguin rice
Sea lion meal
Seal food

You can enjoy spring break nights at Aqua World Oarai! New World Sea at Night “NIGHT AQUAWORLD” 

"NIGHT AQUAWORLD," which is open every Saturday from 18:XNUMX p.m., is a night-time aquarium that is different from an aquarium during the day, with creatures exhibited in mysterious aquariums illuminated by spot lights and a comfortable soothing space. You can enjoy a relaxing time.

You can also enjoy the night-only performance "Ocean Night Live."

DatesEvery Saturday
3 month 23 day · 30 day
April 4th, 6th, 13th
*This event will not be held on April 4th.
open time18: 00-20: 00 (Last entry 19:00)
*Only web tickets will be sold.Tickets will not be sold at the counter on the day of the event.
*You cannot enter with an annual passport, advance ticket, invitation ticket, etc.