“Blooming Aqua World Oarai ~Spring~” cherry blossom tank

At Aqua World Oarai, we carry out ``Blooming Aqua World Oarai'', a collaboration project of beautiful flowers, plants, and fish that decorate each season. This time, with the cooperation of Ibaraki Flower Park, we will be exhibiting a "cherry blossom tank" from Saturday, February 2024th to Sunday, March 2th, 10. Before the cherry blossom season starts soon, please come and see the beautiful fish that brightly color spring.

"Cherry blossom tank"

In this special aquarium, there will be a bluefin redfish that dances in the water like cherry blossom petals. It is a colorful fish similar to the Kawazu cherry tree, which has distinctive dark pink petals. If you look closely, you can see that the color extends to the tip of each fin, giving it a very beautiful body color.

Blue-bellied redfish

Blue-bellied redfish

・Perciformes, Grouperidae, genus Nagatidae

・Body length: 5-7cm

・Distribution: Coral reefs along the coasts of Hachijo Island, Kashiwa Island, Kochi Prefecture, Ie Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Kume Island, Miyako Islands, Iriomote Island, Philippine Islands, Palau Islands, etc.

The body color of the female and male finfish that will be introduced this time is slightly different, and the male, which has become matrimonial in color, is characterized by its pelvic fin, dorsal fin, and anal fin that are bordered in bright red, which is why it is so beautiful. It is also the origin. It is known that members of the family of redfish change sex from female to male, so be sure to take a look at their beautiful appearance as well as their mysterious ecology.

Exhibition period2024/2/10 (Saturday) to 3/24 (Sunday)
Exhibition place3rd Floor Shark Daddy's Room
Exhibited creaturesBlue-bellied redfish
*Exhibited creatures may change depending on the condition of the creatures.

Flowers unique to this seasonPlease enjoy co-starring with the creatures.

At Ibaraki Flower Park, from around late February, around 2 Kawazu cherry trees, the earliest cherry blossoms in Honshu, decorate the Sakura no Oka area in anticipation of spring. The sight of Mt. Tsukuba in the background, painting the countryside in deep pink, is an attractive sight. Furthermore, you can enjoy a beautiful relay of cherry blossoms, starting with Somei Yoshino in late March, followed by Yaezakura, Yamazakura, and Oshimazakura.

Courtesy of Ibaraki Flower Park

For more information, please check the Ibaraki Flower Park official website.