We have reopened the tiger shark exhibit!

The tiger shark that was kept in the backyard has joined the "Shark Sea 2" tank and is now on display again!

Tiger shark
Exhibition start dateFrom Sunday, November 2023, 11 *Exhibitions may be changed or canceled depending on the situation.
Exhibition placeShark Sea 2 tank (3rd floor of the building)

The tiger shark is called "Tiger Shark" in English, and as its name suggests, it is also known for its beautiful tiger-like striped pattern.This distinctive pattern gradually fades as it grows.

Tiger shark

Breeding tiger sharks is difficult, and it is a kind of shark that is rarely exhibited in domestic aquariums.At the museum, we will make use of the various knowledge we have accumulated so far regarding the breeding of sharks, and will work on the health management of the tiger sharks on display with the aim of stably exhibiting tiger sharks over the long term.

  • Depending on the condition of the creatures, the exhibition may be changed or canceled.Please note.